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We pride ourselves on fast and personal support. Quick and helpful response is part of our culture. No question goes unanswered for more than 6 hours, usually in minutes.

Knowledge is power! Our statistics are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Track  sales and streams  every day. Where they happen, and the age and sex of your listeners. Our spiders also detect any Spotify playlist placements your music has and count youtube spins (including those uploaded by others)

With IndiGoBoom you can earn money from YouTube every single time your tracks get seen or heard there. You never know when your music might be used on a video of a cute kitten or a funny wedding and get millions of views. Maybe your own video will get high numbers. IndiGoBoom artists have made thousands of dollars from YouTube plays. Not many of our competitors offer this for free. YouTube is a vital part of earning money in the new music business.

And All The Rest

ALL Your Music On


WIth Indigoboom your music will be available on every meaningful music service in the world. We can monetize Youtube and Soundcloud for you. There are NEVER any hidden charges or surprise costs. As a member you are completely covered for all your music ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Unlimited Distribution !

Music is all about staying fresh and releasing new material over time

Fans want to access all your material, not just the latest song.

IndiGoBoom lets your catalog grow and stay online without worrying about rising costs.


No per release or per store charges.

 Just choose one of the three membership levels and you are free to release as many singles and albums as you need.


Record , Release, Promote, then do it again is the name of the game these days.


And that is exactly what you can do with us


Choose Between


We are here for you

Questions about digital distribution?

Email us at:

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