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Here is a list of the questions we get asked most often. Do not hesitate to email us with any other questions or issues you might have. we are here to help you.


Can I release as many albums and singles as I want?


Yes, as long as you are the main artist or band, you can. If you run a label, get in touch via email and we can discuss.


Is the annual fee all I have to pay?


Yes. This includes ISRC and UPC codes. When we add new services, these are also made available to you

as part of the membership. There are no hidden charges at all.



How often do I get paid Royalties?


We pay out four times a year to all members with a balance of more than 30USD, an active membership

and a working paypal account in their profile.


Do I keep all rights to my music?


Yes. Make sure to register your music with a collecting society as well since they also pay you per stream and for radio performances.


Do I get ISRC og UPC codes for my releases?


Yes, you create them yourself in the dashboard. You are of course free to use your own codes if you wish.

Download a brief users manual for creating codes HERE.

What is IndiGoBoom?

IndiGoBoom is a digital music distribution service for independent artists & labels.

With IndiGoBoom you as an independent artist or small label can sell your music all over the world in all the major digital stores and streaming services.

Royalties generated from sales are paid directly to you each quarter less a commission defined by your membership.

IndiGoBoom is powered by Phonofile, a leading digital aggregator in Europe, with offices in New York, London, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Members gain access to a set of extremely deep powerful & professional distribution tools that allow for flexibility in almost every aspect of your distribution.

Why should I choose you instead of some other service?

    IndiGoBoom provides powerful global distribution to more services than most distributors.
    You can release as many tracks and albums as you want without ANY extra cost.
    We do not have a complicated and confusing list of prices just the one price regardless.
    We are small responsive and personal. You are not just a number to us.

    We have been in this business since 1999. Thats just about as long as digital distribution has existed.

Am I giving IndigoBoom any rights over my music?

No you are NOT. You are simply giving us the rights to submit your music to digital retailers on your behalf.

Can I have more than one artist or band in my account?

The IndigoBoom superdistribution membership is priced and was was created for use by small Record Labels, artists or their managers. It creates a unique even playing field and a very low entry level cost for you the artist.
How many artists or bands can use this account?

Only one artist or band can release music using this account.

On top of that we retain the right to deny any release for any reason. Not that we have actually ever done that, but an unreasonable amount of releases could potentially be seen as an attempt to misuse the trust we place in you by not setting a limit to how many songs and albums you can release.

Original material

IndigoBoom is designed for you to sell your original work.

Don´t upload anything unless you have all the necessary rights.

Seriously. If you use content that infringes someone else´s rights, that including quotes from other people and samples of other peoples recordings long or short.

In other words, don’t publish your dubstep version of Bad Romance or you’ll get both kicked out of the store and will be subject to legal claims from several parties. That’s not a party you want to be at.

“So before you press the publish button, make sure you created it yourself or have authorisation to use it.”

What rights am I granting to IndigoBoom?

As you’ll see in our terms and conditions you grant IndigoBoom only these rights:

a. You grant IndigoBoom the right to deliver and allow the stores/services you choose to sell your music. In order for your music or art to appear on other digital music services, IndigoBoom must first get your permission.

b. You grant IndigoBoom the right to collect and transfer to you the money owed to you from the sale of your music in the stores/services you choose.

c. You grant IndigoBoom the right to use the name(s), photographs and likenesses, artwork images, biographical and other information provided by you in connection with your music

d. You agree to the fees for our services.

e. You agree to our Privacy Policy.

REMEMBER: IndigoBoom does not own your songs, your masters, your copyrights, or the rights to any art work or band photo or music videos you submit. You maintain all ownership and control of all your rights. Also remember, IndigoBoom gets no rights to manufacture CDs, vinyl, DVDs, tapes or anything else. These are your rights, not ours.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes you can.

Can i pay with PayPal?

Yes you can.


If IndigoBoom has assigned you a UPC code,  you can take the number you are assigned to various online locations and print the UPC code from there. Examples: or

I Already Have A UPC Code

No problem, just enter it when you add a track and it will be used.If not just leave the field empty and we will generate one for you.

I already Have ISRC Codes for my songs

No problem, just enter each song’s ISRC when you add a new single and they will be used.

When and how are royalties paid on IndiGoBoom?

Payment will happen automatically 60 days after the end of each quarter if your account balance is above 30$ your account is active and you have input a valid paypal email address in your profile. If your balance is below 30$ the account balance will be held until it is and then paid out in the quarter when your balance goes above the threshold.

How can I check my royalties?

Choose sales from the main menu after login.
There you will be able to see daily reports (Analytics) from he stores and streaming services that deliver this data. From the others we get monthly or bi-monthly reports and feed them into your account as we get them. Sales reports are indicative since iTunes for example hold on to a sale of a single in case the buyer purchases the entire album. In this case the single sale will be cancelled and the album sale credited to your account instead. The daily statistics tools are an important part of watching the effect of your marketing even if they are not always completely precise. They will give you geographical data and male/ female data as well. Accurate numbers are provided each quarter under renumerated sales in the the sales page.


I know that my music is being bought, however this isn’t being reflected in my real time sales figures.

As mentioned above sales are not always reported on the same day or even within the same month that they happen. They are reported in the end so no need to worry. The stores are very precise with their reporting if sometimes a little slow.

The daily sales statistics can differ from the royalty reports for many reasons, such as incomplete transactions, failed downloads and delayed updates from the relevant services. There is often a time lag of a few days between the purchase and when sales are integrated by our technical team.

When and how can do I get paid?

Some stores report their sales daily some monthly and others every quarter. We provide access to these records immediately after receiving them in the “sales “section and we provide a statement of accounts each quarter, 60 days after the quarter end. If a report from a store is not received in time, it will simply be incorporated in the statement for the following month or next quarter.

For example, for the first quarter, which ends March 31, you will be eligible for payment of your royalties from June 1st. If your royalties exceed 30$ your will be paid automatically on June 1 for Q1. If you have not accumulated 30$ or more you must wait until you have accumulated enough royalties. As soon as you do the payment will go automatically 60 days after the end of the quarter this happened.

How do I receive royalties from streaming services (e.g. Spotify)?

Streaming services are offered under the same terms as the traditional download services we cover, so you will receive the revenues we receive from Spotify and others for streams of your music under the terms of your membership

How do I receive royalties from Youtube videos?

These payments are based on Advertisers investments and user’s clicks. They will differ from one video to another, from one artist to another, depending on price of the adverts, number of time the video is watched, the number of clicks and so on.


Digital statutory Fees

If the sale of your music occurred outside the USA, we receive a net sales fee from the digital services, which we then pass on to you minus our commission


For download sales within the USA, Canada and Mexico

Our aggregator (Phonofile) will set aside the digital statutory right amount per sale and pay this money to the Harry Fox Agency (HFA). The digital statutory right (currently 0.09$ per song) will then be paid to the rights holder, most often you, by HFA. Our aggregator (Phonofile) will levy the the digital statutory right amount per sale and deduct this from what we are remunerated by Phonofile. Therefore, money that you receive for download sales in the U.S. is generally exclusive of the digital statutory fee. Make sure you are a member of your local collection society, and have a publishing agreement that gets you this money, and that you register all your music with them so you actually get this money. It is yours.


Digital Distribution



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