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How to verify your Spotify artist profile

Spotify verification

Having the all important blue checkmark on your artist profile demonstrates to managers and labels that you take yourself seriously. So how do you get your page verified?


You need 250 followers to apply for a verified artist profile. Here are a few ways to get followers.

Create an elegant custom campaign page for your release in minutes using the new Campaign Page feature!

The Indigoboom campaign pages contain a Spotify “Follow” button that will help you gather followers. Campaign Pages are available free to all users. Email us to get your account enabled for this feature.

Let fans know that you’re on Spotify by adding links to your website, blog, and social media.

Ask them to follow you on Spotify as often as you can. Use every opportunity. Put a follow button on your regular website. The instructions for creating a follow button can be found here.

Once you have the 250 followers, you need to go here and fill in the required form. After that it is only a few weeks wait and your profile will be verified.

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