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Why do they have pictures and a bio and not me?

All music services use the same data-source for artist information. To ensure the data quality of this info registering your artist data is a manual process. This means it takes a bit of time to process. All the more important to get started with it ASAP! There simply are no shortcuts to this.

Here is how you get your Bio and Pics on Spotify.

Send an email with a short biography, a link to your music and some artist images. (Jpeg format and at least 300 pixels wide to:

Due to the volume of work, Rovi has to handle this is a one way process. No point in re emailing them asking how things are going and so on. You simply haveto wait til they are done. When they are done, you recieve a ROVI ID that you enter into a form here: Other relevant links:

Have fun

David G

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